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Basic Residential Real Estate: From Contract to Closing

Bundled with a complimentary Fastbook PDF download!

NOTE:  This book was published prior to the TRID regulations going into effect. For more information on the TRID regulations, see the IBJ article New Residential Real Estate ‘Consummation’ Rules.

“I have been practicing real estate law in Chicago (residential real estate transactions in particular) for almost two years now, and I learned more from reading this book than I learned in my entire two years of practice.  It was so insightful, easy to follow, and, most importantly, enjoyable! And the exhibits could not be more helpful. I will always look back on this book as one of the best investments I ever made.” – Adam Gurney, Esq.

"I am a relatively new solo attorney and have recently added residential real estate to my practice. I have searched for several months and have not found anything that properly lays out the fundamentals of residential real estate in a detailed manner. Everything I found was either too detailed and skipped over the basics, or was written by an attorney out of New York which is not entirely helpful. That is, until I came across this book. It is a much-appreciated resource!" — Alex R.

As the first title in the ISBA’s new Practice Ready Series, this book was specifically written to be a must-have resource for new attorneys and any others new to residential real estate transactions. It walks you through each stage of a common transaction, from the moment a client contacts your office to the essential steps you must take after the transaction closes. The book centers on and provides in-depth discussion of the use of the new Multi-Board Residential Real Estate Contract 6.0, one of the most widely used contracts of its kind in Illinois. It includes a 130-page appendix with sample copies of the common documents you will encounter in a residential real estate transaction – client letters, the Multi-Board Residential Real Estate Contract 6.0, contingency letters, financing documents, title company documents, closing documents, and many others. Order your copy today and don’t risk seeing these documents for the first time at your first closing!

Heather M. Fritsch
October 01, 2014
Softcover with complimentary PDF