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Guide to Illinois Statutes of Limitations and Repose: 2018

Bundled with a complimentary Fastbook PDF download!

Fully updated and current through November 11, 2017.

This Guide contains Illinois civil statutes of limitations and repose (with amendments) enacted through November 11, 2017. It concisely brings together provisions otherwise scattered throughout the Code of Civil Procedure and other chapters of the Illinois Compiled Statutes. The Guide also includes summaries of cases interpreting the statutes that were decided and released on or before November 11, 2017.

Designed as a quick reference guide for practicing attorneys, it provides comprehensive coverage of the deadlines you can't afford to miss. The Guide also includes a handy index and a complete table of cases.

Hon. Gordon L. Lustfeldt (ret.)
January 23, 2018
Softcover with complimnetary PDF